Richard Marc Toutounji

Richard Marc Toutounji is a Dot Com Entrepreneur with 15 years experience in starting, building and selling his own companies. With his unique experience in marketing and selling offline businesses and products, he helps companies generate more business by using powerful online methods.

Richard is the CEO of COM Marketing Group, a company that owns over 100 unique lead generation platforms, including Complete Online Marketing. One of the successful sites of the company consists of Richard’s first lead platform, Meet Your Personal, which is Australia’s largest personal training directory.

His products and services, which includes his best selling Please Mum Don’t Supersize Me, have been featured on many media streams, including A Current Affair, Today Show and the 6pm nightly news. Richard was also the executive producer of the Travel & Wellness TV show, Feel Good TV, which aired on Foxtel Australian TV.

Richard and his wife Joey participated in the first season of The Amazing Race in Australia and were known as the “Married Entrepreneurs.” Motivated by the slogan “Focus, Believe, Achieve” printed on their shirts, Richard and Joey competed against 11 other teams in a race around the world.

Though he is based in Sydney, Australia, Richard spends a few months each year living and working abroad on his companies. You can follow Richard on his Instagram or LinkedIN.