Getting Raw TV Ep#47 Pat Farmer

In this episode of Getting Raw TV Richard chats with ultra marathon runner Pat Farmer who shares some amazing insights about his ultra marathon events he has achieved in the past and what is coming up for him in 2016.

Pat shares his inspiring story about how he ran from ‘Pole to Pole’ which was from the North Pole to South Pole, which is so incredible! Pat ran 2 marathons a day, every single day with no days off for 10 months and 13 days.

Since 1980 Pat has been running ultra marathons. Some of the events he has ran include;

  • 14,000km around the whole of Australia
  • Sydney to Melbourne races
  • Across america from California to NYC transAmerican foot race
  • Northern most part of Australia to the Southern most part of Australia to raise awareness and funds to help people with diabetes
  • Vietnam Run – ran approx 3000 kilometers, for 40 days
  • Middle East Peace Run – A 20 day run from Lebanon to Jordan

This year Pat is planning a run in India. Over 4000km in 60 days, Pat will run from Kanyakumari in the south to a summit of the Himalayan Mountains. Pat will initiate his run on January 26th, celebrating both Australia Day and India’s Republic Day.

“I am going to do this!” – Pat Farmer

Pat says he has finished everything he has started, he shares ‘it’s all about finishing every single thing that you start’. 

Pat also shares about his individual brand Pat Farmer as well as working with companies with similar values.

Tune into this inspiring episode with Pat Farmer above.