Getting Raw TV Episode #46 Dr Avi Ratnanesan

In Episode #46 of Getting Raw TV Richard Marc Toutounji catches up with Dr Avi Ratnanesan and speaks about bridging the gap between the wellness industry and medical industry.

Dr Avi also speaks about being a business owner, having a passion for your business and how to build your brand within the market place.

Below is a breakdown of what is in this video:
0.33 Richard introduces Dr Avi Ratnanesan.
1.08 Dr Avi shares his experience with biotech companies.
3.02 Bridging the gap between wellness industry and medical industry.
5.05 Researching the market place with your wellness business.
5.45 Passion vs Skill.
7.07 Valuing your time and strategy in business.
9.50 Building your brand in the market place.
11.30 Finding a niche.
14.12 Personal Training and Health Care.
18.55 Mastermind Program for fitness professionals.
20.23 Strategy importance.
22.21 Problems and solutions.
25.40 Mindset and behavioural change.

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